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Buy organic, lab-tested magic mushrooms in Toronto, Ontario. Get high-quality whole dried mushrooms as well as mushroom edibles.

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organic magic mushrooms

Organic Products

All our mushrooms we sell in-store and online are 100% organic.

lab tested magic mushrooms

Lab Tested

Each of our medical mushroom products are lab tested

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Whole Dried Mushrooms

Dried magic mushrooms are the most common form as they can be used in many forms and are unprocessed.

Shroom Edibles

At our Toronto mushroom dispensary, we carry edibles such as chocolate, gummies and tea.

Microdose Capsules

Mushroom capsules are a simple and easy way to consume magic mushrooms in Toronto

THC Edibles

Find tasty THC Edibles online and at our dispensary. We only provide the highest quality edibles for your enjoyment.


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Microdose Capsules Toronto

Micro-dosing capsules is a popular way to consume shrooms as it's very convenient and discreet while providing the benefits that magic mushrooms can provide. Our Toronto dispensary stocks high-quality magic mushroom capsules.

Dried Magic Mushrooms

Looking for whole-dried magic mushrooms in Toronto? 6Mushrooms carries a wide variety of unprocessed, organic psilocybin mushrooms that can be sold directly from our store at 644 Queen St. West or online. We are committed to providing only the best quality psychedelic mushrooms in the Toronto GTA.

Shroom Edibles

We provide the residents of Toronto Ontario tasty mushroom edibles including chocolate bars, gummies and more.

buy psilocybin mushrooms online at 6 mushrooms in Toronto

Why Choose 6 Mushrooms in Toronto Ontario?

6Mushrooms proudly offers a diverse range of magic mushrooms to those living in the Greater Toronto area in Ontario, each possessing unique properties and benefits. Among our popular selections are the golden teacher, penis envy, blue meanies, and Aztec varieties. These mushrooms have demonstrated potential in enhancing the immune system, reducing inflammation, improving cognitive function, and when micro-dosed, significantly boosting focus.

We're dedicated to providing lab-tested, organic products along with the education needed to help improve your mental and physical health.

Guide to Buying Magic Mushrooms in Ontario

1. Look for a Magic Mushroom Dispensary in Toronto

When looking for high-quality whole-dried magic mushrooms and edibles, it's best to find a dispensary in Toronto Ontario. They will carry a good selection of strains and help you understand dosing and other important information.

3. Check for Dosage Information:

Reputable vendors should provide clear dosage guidelines for their products. This information helps ensure safe and responsible consumption. Make sure to follow the recommended dosage and start with a lower dose if you are new to using medical mushrooms.

4. Consider Customer Support and Education

Look for vendors that provide comprehensive customer support and educational resources. This could include FAQs, dosage guidelines, potential interactions or contraindications, and general information about responsible usage. A vendor that prioritizes customer safety and well-being is more likely to be reliable and trustworthy.

magic mushroom dispensary toronto
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The Science Behind Mushrooms with Psilocybin

For those unaware, medicinal "magic" mushrooms can be helpful for various conditions such as depression, PTSD and more. 

The video below provides important information to help you understand medical mushrooms and psilocybin while demystifying many of the myths associated with them.

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