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    Melissa Palmer

    Elevated the live music

    Fantastic mushrooms! I’ve been taking little doses of these at live music performances and social gatherings. A quick blue meanie hit makes for a joyful and calming experience, and it really elevated live music. Grab these mushrooms and get outside! They possess a greater love for friends, music, and the outdoors.

    January 2, 2024
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    Thomas Brooks

    Fantastic colours

    Loving the Blue Meanies! Its colours are really lovely. I had a great time with them. really lovely and powerful. Felt positively connected to everything, had a pleasant euphoric sensation, and my attitude lifted. Life is pleasant. I’m grateful.

    January 17, 2024
    Verified Review
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    Ashlee Baeza

    High quality and excellent flavour

    I’ve experimented with many different kinds of mushrooms from various companies, but these blue meanies remain my favourite. Fantastic visuals with excellent quality and flavour. However, these are undoubtedly among of the most powerful mushrooms, so start with a low dosage and work your way up! It’s highly suggested to enjoy these in a natural environment since the scenery might add to the enjoyment of the journey.

    January 24, 2024
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    Lauren Raiford

    Too Intense

    I found the Blue Meanies Cubensis Mushrooms to be too intense for my liking. The trip was overwhelming, with strong visuals and intense emotions that bordered on anxiety-inducing. While some may enjoy the intensity, I prefer a more gentle psychedelic experience. Proceed with caution if you’re sensitive to powerful psychedelics.

    February 8, 2024
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    Catherine Richards

    Profound Insights

    The Blue Meanies Cubensis Mushrooms provided a deeply introspective journey characterized by vibrant visuals and profound insights. The trip was intense but manageable, with a sense of euphoria and awe that lasted for hours. It’s a potent strain that’s best suited for experienced users seeking a transformative psychedelic experience.

    February 27, 2024
    Verified Review

Product Description

Origin: Where Have Blue Meanies Cubensis Mushrooms Possibly Originated from?

The possible origin of Blue Meanies is Australia, with little information available related to its exact origin. Besides, these magic mushrooms are also known as Panaeolus cyanescens. Not all mushrooms in the Panaeolus genus are psychedelic, unlike Blue Meanies. 

It is believed that Blue Meanies have inherited psychedelic properties through the transfer of genus from a nearby Psilocybe patch. At 6mushrooms, you can buy these magic mushrooms online at very reasonable prices. We also encourage you to buy them from our dispensary if you prefer getting your hands on high-quality shrooms for the price. 

Potency: What to Know Before You Buy Blue Meanies Online  

When it comes to the potency of Blue Meanies, it is considerably high. Still, the potency of these shrooms is dependent on individual Blue Meanies magic mushrooms. According to reports, Panaeolus cyanescens can have up to 2.95% psilocybin and psilocin content compared to other mushrooms of the same species containing approximately 1.70% of the same compounds. Besides, 0.7% of psilocin (active compound) translates to 1.0% psilocybin (biologically inactive compound).

Effects: How the Psychedelic Trip from Blue Meanies Look Like    

The effects of Blue Meanies cubensis mushrooms can trigger within 45 minutes after their ingestion. During the unique psychedelic trip (high) from Blue Meanies, you can experience intense visual and auditory hallucinations, in addition to deep spiritual insights.

Furthermore, some users report they have transitioned from desired to more intense and even unpleasant effects after consuming Blue Meanies. By the same token, it is best to exercise caution when you consume this strain. 

Appearance: How Do Blue Meanies Look Like?

Blue Meanies magic mushrooms are light-grey to off-white in colour once they mature. Like many other psilocybin mushrooms, their stems bruise a dark blue-green when picked or damaged. Blue bruising of the Blue Meanie strain is indicative of the presence of psilocybin in it.

Duration and Dose: Know the Right Dose for Your Psychedelic Trip

The psychedelic trip from Blue Meanies can last 4 to 8 hours. Moreover, the effects can trigger within 45 to 60 minutes after their consumption. As they lead to a very intense trip, we recommend this strain for more experienced psychonauts. In case you are starting out with Blue Meanies, you should start with a low dosage. Then, you may increase the dosage after finding out how your body reacts to these shrooms.


“Magic mushrooms are not for pregnant women, immunocompromised or cardiovascular or neurological patients, and people with mental illnesses. So, people falling into the aforementioned categories should avoid magic mushrooms at all costs to avoid risking their health.”

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