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    Frank Ellis

    Beautiful sights

    Just received my order and I consumed 3.5g. Oh my god, I never imagined such an experience was possible! The places I visited, the sights I saw, and the feelings I had are all beyond words! After that, I was the happiest I’ve ever been. A really enjoyable encounter.

    January 6, 2024
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    Stephen Carreno


    When I tried mushrooms from other companies, I realized that they were either extremely stimulating or provoked anxiety. However with these golden teacher mushrooms I felt so calm and at ease after using them. 6Mushrooms is highly recommended from me! Unquestionably my fave.

    January 24, 2024
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    Paula Castillo

    Best for starters

    The ordering process was easy to understand. The mushrooms came in really safe packaging. For those who are new to mushrooms, I definitely suggest Golden Teachers Mushrooms; it’s a lovely, uplifting, giggly experience that will reduce social anxiety.

    February 3, 2024
    Verified Review

Product Description

Origin: Where Have Golden Teacher Cubensis Mushrooms Come from

The origin of the Golden Teacher strain is somewhat mysterious. This is because it appeared early in the 1980s first, as per most reports. Nonetheless, it is not clear where Golden Teacher magic mushrooms has originated from.  

At 6mushrooms, we offer the highest-quality Golden Teacher psilocybin mushrooms at plausible prices. So, you should look at none other than our dispensary to buy these magic mushrooms online

Potency: What to Know Before You Buy Golden Teacher Strain Online  

Golden Teacher magic mushrooms have a fairly low potency. For the same reason, they are perfect psilocybin mushrooms for first-time users to try. Because of their low potency, they lead users to a comfortable euphoric journey through their minds and the environment.

Effects: How the Psychedelic Trip from Golden Teacher Strain Looks Like    

The Golden Teacher strain has a low potency, so its effects are not potently psychedelic. Put differently, you won’t experience the same visual hallucinations, increased sensory awareness, or a feeling of connectedness to the world and universe after ingesting it, which you may experience otherwise consuming potent magic mushrooms. Unless you consume a very high dosage of Golden Teacher, you won’t experience ego-destroying effects.  

Appearance: How Do Golden Teacher Mushrooms Look Like?

Golden Teacher cubensis mushrooms have earned their name for a good reason. That is their yellowish or golden centre on their mature caps. The first crop of these mushrooms yields caps of usually medium-sized but can reach large sizes in subsequent blooms of growth. The stems of this strain bruise blue when picked or damaged, similar to many other psilocybin mushrooms.  

Duration and Dose: Know the Right Dose for Your Psychedelic Trip

The high from Golden Teacher cubensis mushrooms may kick in within 30 to 60 minutes after their ingestion. In addition, you can expect the psychedelic trip from Golden Teacher strain to last for 4 to 6 hours. As Golden Teacher is not a potent strain, you can start with 2g of it as a beginner. 

Contrarily, 0.5g is the ideal dosage for beginners for consuming potent shrooms for the first time. It is also a good idea to have a trip sitter with you close at hand if you are consuming Golden Teacher or other shroom strain for the first time.


“Magic mushrooms are not for pregnant women, immunocompromised or cardiovascular or neurological patients, and people with mental illnesses. So, people falling into the aforementioned categories should avoid magic mushrooms at all costs to avoid risking their health.”

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