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    Kenneth Carr

    Beautiful sights

    I’ve tried various mushroom strains, but Trinity Mushrooms from 6Mushrooms are in a league of their own. The trip was incredibly introspective, allowing me to confront deep-seated emotions and fears. Highly recommend for therapeutic use.

    January 21, 2024
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    Anna Motley

    Vivid Visuals

    Wow! Trinity Mushrooms are truly transformative. I experienced vivid visuals and a profound sense of euphoria. It felt like a journey through the cosmos. Will definitely be ordering again!

    February 2, 2024
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    Michael Posey

    Profound Journey of Self-Discovery

    Trinity Mushrooms from 6Mushrooms exceeded my expectations! The trip was serene yet deeply introspective. I felt a profound sense of connection to nature and myself. Highly recommend for those seeking a spiritual journey.

    February 6, 2024
    Verified Review

Product Description

Origin: How Have Trinity Shrooms Originated?

Trinity magic mushrooms do not have a long story when it comes to their origin. In fact, they have arrived very recently with the Magic Myco team created them. At first, mycologists at Magic Myco combined Penis Envy with Aztec God. Then, they combined the cross with Tidal Wave. The result they got via it was Trinity mushrooms, which have become instant classic shrooms today.

At 6mushrooms, you can find and buy Trinity shrooms of the highest quality. Best of all, psychonauts can buy shrooms online from our shroom dispensary without breaking the bank.  

Potency: What to Know Before You Buy Trinity Strain Online  

The Trinity magic mushroom strain belongs to the species of Psilocybe cubensis magic mushrooms. As this strain has evolved from the Penis Envy via a series of mutations, it has strong potency and unique appearance. Owing to the high potency of Trinity magic mushrooms, they usually remain a pick of more experienced psychonauts 

Effects: What to Expect during the Psychedelic Trip from Trinity Magic Mushrooms?

As per the belief, the Trinity strain has earned its name because of the three main effects it triggers in users. Vivid hallucinations, enhanced self-awareness, and heightened feelings of spiritual connectedness, to mention those effects.

During the psychedelic trip from Trinity, you may feel more cheerful, thrilled, and impressed by things & people around you. The effects of Trinity magic mushrooms also feel more energizing while making their users feel more alert.

Appearance: How Do Trinity Psilocybin Mushrooms Look Like?

Trinity mushrooms are unquestionably worth seeing. Seeing them, you can notice them resembling the Penis Envy strain. However, the colour of their caps is more golden than the original Penis Envy mushrooms. Upon drying, they look smaller with colours not looking brighter. Not to mention, they bruise blue when picked or damaged, signifying they are psilocybin mushrooms.      

Duration and Dose: Know the Right Dose for Your Psychedelic Journey

The high after consuming the psychedelic Trinity mushrooms can trigger within 45 to 60 minutes after ingestion. The trip from Trinity magic mushrooms can last for 4 to 6 hours. Moreover, you should cautiously consume Trinity psilocybin mushrooms because of their high potency.

0.25g is the recommended micro-dose for trying the Trinity strain. In addition, 1.0g is the light dose, 1g to 1.25g is the moderate dose, and 2.5g to 5.0g is the higher dose of these mushrooms. As the Trinity strain is very potent, it is important for psychonauts to have the right mindset and setting for trying it.


“Magic mushrooms are not for pregnant women, immunocompromised or cardiovascular or neurological patients, and people with mental illnesses. So, people falling into the aforementioned categories should avoid magic mushrooms at all costs to avoid risking their health.”

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