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    Emma Powers

    Provides Relief

    6Mushrooms’ Penis Envy Mushrooms have become an integral part of my wellness routine. As someone who struggles with anxiety and depression, these mushrooms have provided me with much-needed relief and perspective. The therapeutic effects are undeniable, and I always feel a sense of renewal and clarity after a trip. Grateful to have found such a powerful tool for mental health.

    January 8, 2024
    Verified Review
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    Justin Rico

    Enlightens the Mood

    Penis Envy Mushrooms have exceeded all my expectations. Not only do they induce a deeply euphoric and introspective state, but they also provide long-lasting therapeutic benefits. After incorporating them into my self-care routine, I’ve noticed significant improvements in my mood, anxiety levels, and overall well-being.

    January 27, 2024
    Verified Review
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    Lisa Turpin

    A Game-Changer in My Mental Health Journey

    Got these shrooms last month. In terms of my mental health journey, Penis Envy Mushrooms has been revolutionary. I’ve been using them to treat anxiety, depression, and trauma.

    February 6, 2024
    Verified Review

Product Description

Origin: How Have Penis Envy Mushrooms Come? 

As per the original tale of Penis Envy mushrooms, they have a mysterious origin. According to that tale, Steven Pollock (a scientist) first discovered them. Later, Richard Gee cultivated them following the death of Steven Pollock and named them Penis Envy. So, there is no clarity on who first cultivated these sought-after magic mushrooms.   

If you are after sought-after Penis Envy magic mushrooms online, you can buy them at 6mushrooms. In fact, you can buy high-quality Penis Envy magic mushrooms from our dispensary at the best prices.    

Potency: What to Know Before You Buy Penis Envy Strain Online  

According to reports and spore retailers, Penis Envies are two to three times more potent than standard psilocybin mushrooms. Because their potency deviates so much from other strains, Penis Envy is a sought-after strain among psychonauts. Penis Envies are the second-most searched shrooms in the Psilocybe cubensis catalogue, as per one spore retailer.

Effects: How Does the Psychedelic Trip from Penis Envies Feel?

Basically, the effects of Penis Envies vary based on their users and dose. In general, you can experience feelings of euphoria, well-being, and increased creativity during your psychedelic trip. Some users also report they experience visual or auditory hallucinations after consuming Penis Envies. 

In some cases, Penis Envy can lead users to spiritual experiences and heightened senses of consciousness. However, the aforementioned effects of Penis Envy strain can also overwhelm some users.

Appearance: How Do Penis Envy Magic Mushrooms Look Like?

Penis Envy mushrooms have bulbous and elongated capes, which often taper towards the top resembling a phallus. The colours of their caps can vary from beige to golden brown based on their age and environmental conditions. 

Moreover, the Penis Envy strain has a thick and sturdy stem to provide its caps with ample support. When Penis Envies mature, their veil remains partially attached to the cap. It also forms s skirt-like structure around the stem.

Duration and Dose: Know the Right Dose for Your Psychedelic Trip

The Penis Envy mushroom trips can last for four hours on average. However, the length of the psychedelic trip from these mushrooms is contingent on certain factors. What you have eaten on the day and the dosage of Penis Envy you consume, to mention some of those factors.

Generally, 1.0g to 1.5g is the recommended dosage of Penis Envy per 100 pounds of body weight. You may need to reduce the dosage by 30% to have a safe journey considering its high potency.

In order to have a more manageable and easily integrated experience from Penis Envies, you can opt for a micro-dose. Besides, the micro-dose of magic mushrooms ranges from 0.1g to 0.5g.


“Magic mushrooms are not for pregnant women, immunocompromised or cardiovascular or neurological patients, and people with mental illnesses. So, people falling into the aforementioned categories should avoid magic mushrooms at all costs to avoid risking their health.”

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